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Blocks in case structure have disappeared after missing tunnel assignment error



I used a case structure in my vi and I got an error about missing tunnel assignment and now all my the block that were in the case structure have disappeared. How do I restore them?

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There is much more wrong with your VI, but maybe all you need to do is UNDO.


  • To get three elements of an array, index array is the correct function. No need to convert to cluster.
  • Don't call a indicator "PI string array" if it is a cluster, not an array.
  • What should be wired to the conditional terminal of the case structure?
  • I double you need "merge signals". There are better functions.
  • If you get a comma delimited string, there are ways to convert it to a numeric array directly.
  • Where should the thermometer connect?
  • Is it reasonable to let the visa communication determine the loop rate?
  • Why do you possibly need a wall sized front panel with controls and indicators scattered all over the place? All elements could fit on a postcard!
  • What are good values for "string" (sic) or "byte count"? Why don't they have reasonable defaults?
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