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Block diagram stretches vertically. Pictures inclued.

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I don't know when this happened. I recently updated from 2017 to 2018 but keep an open mind.


At some point the page became huge. An ideas. Its a massive job to fix.



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Best way is to use backup to rollback... You should use SVN or other source code vault.

I believe that you do not have since you are posting this question.

I think that you use the auto cleanup code and this is why you might experience that.

If you use flat sequence in your code, it might create that situation as well.

At all cost avoid the use of flat sequence. use error bus to control your data flow.



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Hard to tell what happened from the picture. How big was the code before this happened? Did you do diagram cleanup? Can you attach the actual VI?

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I cannot attach the code sadly. I do not have permission.


I fear it might be a copy / paste scenario where I use Ctrl c Ctrl v on an object.


Another possibility is when I move an object like a boolean indicator on the block diagram with the arrow keys (sometimes shift arrow to make it faster) the whole page increments as well as moving the object.


I just tested this and it now doesn't move the whole page, only the object. ???? weird.



I normally align horizontally using the "Align objects" tab.




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I save as with a new date in the file name regularly.


However the error goes back some time and I just noticed it.

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You might be interested in tortoise SVN and

with this, you just commit lock or update your code.

I don't know your context, but if you are multiple developer it might help to share code as well.

All this is free tools. I use them in production environment in a multinational company.


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@dave_vic_ozz1 wrote:

An ideas. Its a massive job to fix.

Does not seem too massive because the "stretch" seems to be limited to about two vertical regions. A vertical ctrl+alt+drag lets you shrink these regions vertically in a few easy steps.


Of course there could be other problems, e.g. if the current diagram now exceeds the valid range of coordinates.

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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Thanks for the reply. I am now back on this machine.


I might need some tips on the Control Alt Drag method. I am unsure what to expect.

I have included the drawing stats. Its not a big file it just is spread out and I have no idea how that happened.



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Open up a new VI and add a few things to it. Use Ctrl-Left click-Drag, and it'll make a bunch of space. Try doing it only in vertical or horizontal swipes at first.


Next, use Ctrl-Alt-Left click-Drag, and it'll "eat" the space. Practice on a smaller VI, then open your giant one. Go to the vertical space, Ctrl-Alt-Leftclick at the bottom, then move your mouse straight up to the top. It should "eat" the vertical space. Scroll and repeat as needed.

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