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Bizzare error message requests me "Select a log file" for .vi

I am getting a very strange pop-up with my vi that requests me to select a log file for the VI.
If I hit cancel I get the pop-up "Cannot log front panel of vi. there is no log file associated with the vi"
I don't want a log file. 
There must be some background setting in the VI that is not in the actually Lab-VIEW code.
Does anybody know how I can switch this off?
Many thanks

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Is anything configured under the Operate/Data Logging Menu options?
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Off the top of my head I can only think of one setting that may cause this.  You can set a VI to log its front panel data automatically.  Go to Operate>>Data Logging and check the settings there.    Also look at Operate>>Log at Completion.
It may also be that you have this set on a subVI, and if so you will see a yellow "halo" around one of your subVIs, meaning you have turned on database access.  You can look in the help for Logging Data>> On the front panel that discusses this behavior.
If you wrote the VIs and have no idea what I am talking about with the Database Access that is fine, it is not a commonly used feature.
If none of these help can you attach the VI so we can all see it.
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Thanks for your replys

I am attaching the stripped down VI.

Trying running it if you like to see the problem I am encountering.

Many Thanks


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The other suggestions were need to deselect Operate > Log at Completion.  This will cause the logging dialog to go away.


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It is configured to log at completion.

Deselect  Operate>>Log at Completion.

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I had this issue today, thanks for the solution!

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