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Bit error rate of a channel



My question is I have a channel and I want to measure the data transmission performance for data rate upto 100Mbps. How do I send a signal via the channel amd retrieve back at the end of the channel and calculate Bit Error Rate. I wanted to do it using NI mydaq..


Please Help..

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First, you'll need hardware that can generate that high of a rate. As you can see from the specs, the MyDAQ cannot come close. For reference, see:
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Thank you..But is there a way of calculating BER for low data rate such as in Kbps using the mydaq??

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Not if you want to generate/read a signal with the digital I/O. You might be able to achieve 1Kbps but since the digital is software timed, you'll have quite a bit of jitter. What sort of channel are you trying to test?
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I have designed a coupling circuit to be tested over power line.. I want to calculate the BER of the data transmission between transmitting coupling circuit and receiving coupling circuit placed at different nodes in a building.

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And what sort of physical signal do you wish to send? As I said, using the digital lines would probably not work.
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For a first time, i would prefer to send baseband signals as a sequence of pulses: 101010111 etc and check for BER..Later I am planning to use modulation and line coding and transmit the same data.

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