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Bind/Alias shared variable to scan engine variable

I have the attached labview project, settings on a shared variable and block diagram.  In my project I have a cRio that is using scan engine and reporting some RTD temps.  in My Computer I have a shared variable that I aliased to the scan engine variable on the cRio.  I thought this would make it so the shared variable on myComputer would report out the same as the scan engine variable on the cRio; however, that is not the case.  In the front panel you can see I get 0 for the myComputer shared variable while getting the correct value from the cRio scan engine variable.


Does binding a variable to a scan engine variable mean it will keep the same value?  Do I need to do anything extra?  I want to do it this way becuase I have a VI that finds all variables in the SystemParameter.lvlib file and does some stuff with them.



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If your cRIO is the device that is generating the data, I believe that the shared variable needs to be hosted on the cRIO and network-published from there -- after this it can be accessed through the network by the PC.  It looks like your shared variables are on your PC in the attached image.  


Additionally, take a look at I/O Variables as the type of shared variable that you would use to pass the data directly through the Scan Engine to your host.


In particular you might find the section titled Accessing I/O Variables Remotely useful.


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I was trying to bind the variable on my computer to the PSP variable on the cRio.  Turns out that I was doing it correctly; however, I had a race condition between binding the variable and reading the variable the first time.

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