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Bi-directional SSH communication

So far so good!  Now for the next hurdle which, hopefully, doesn't inconvenience you.  Thanks again for the promt replies!!!

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Great, Glad I could help.

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Resurrecting this thread as I need to solve the same issue.  I need to replace some code that uses standard TCP connect, write, read, disconnect with the equivalents for an SSH connection.  This solution looked good but I need the version that does not append the CR to each write.  Was that updated DLL posted somewhere?

Also, I need to know if this solution is reentrant.  I need to open multiple simultaneous SSH connections to different servers and communicate with them on different threads in my LabVIEW application.  I have not been able to find any info on the web stating that the core library that Greg wrapped here is thread safe and reentrant.


Thanks for any info/help with this.

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