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Better ground-loop isolation for MIO card: a solution

Dear Labview fans,
We intend to use vi developed in a lab to troubleshoot problems in the
field with a single MIO card and a portable PC. MIO cards lack proper
ground-loop isolation ( a reazl hazard in field apps) and antialiasing
filters (annoying for frequency analyses) but are available for many
buses and even on cards with processors for RT. Their use is
well-documented In Labview examples (buffered I/O, advanced triggering
and counters, etc.). This brought us to develop a prototype of a
front-end conditioner for MIO cards to alleviate its drawbacks while
taking advantage of its strong points and versatility. You may have a
glance at it in
If you know about such conditioners with the same or better specs,
please tell me about them. If you have suggestions, I'd be glad to
discuss them with you.
Regards Meilleures salutations Met vriendelijke groeten Mit freundlichen
Gérard D'Ans
Laborelec: 32 2 3820568 fax 32 2 3820241
Université Libre de Bruxelles: 32 2 6502515
fax 32 2 6502710
URL site:
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