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Best way to transfer data (table) from PC_VI to FPGA_VI

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I have PC with FPGA RIO card. 


I have to build application that has to load CSV data and convert it to 2D array. Data contains two columns (position, current) and data has for example 1000 rows.


This 2D array should be send to FPGA VI. FPGA VI then has to read row by row from 2D array and use it when reading something from HW.


My Idea is that I define FPGA project and then add FIFO "PC_to_FPGA" and then somehow pull one by one row from FPHA VI, but how exactly this can be programmed? Any FPGA with PC_VI example anywhere? Any suggestion about the idea?

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LabVIEW FPGA does not support 2D arrays directly so you will have to use a 1D array (or memory) and refer to the data as if it were in two dimensions.


I would install the FlexRIO driver to review the examples\FlexRIO\External Memory\Random Access\Random Access Pattern - Memory IDL.lvproj example

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