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Best arquitecture/model to control + datalogging + display

I've been reading a lot of theory, but at the moment for starting my mind goes blank and I don't find the way to solve my problem.


What's the best arquitecture/model to control + datalogging + display???


What I need it's just simple. I need to control one transducer by 4-20mA and another with voltage 0-5V. I need to control an output depending of the value of the 4-20mA transducer, and if the voltage goes above a defined threshold, then it aborts everything.


I'm still new but need this....hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi iapetus2001;


in thsi case I would recommend a mix of two design patterns, first Master/Slave for control and display (use the same loop for both) and Producer/Consumer for datalogging. Here are two examples of both Design Patterns. Producer/Consumer  Master/Slave


I hope the info is useful


Good Luck!


Francisco Arellano

National Instruments Mexico
Field Systems Engineer - Energy Segment
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