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Baud Rate

I have a piece of test equipment that has default settings: Data Rate 1000 Hz, Baud Rate 921600. The documentation states that to allow for a faster data rate (Greater than 1000 Hz- Max 5000 Hz) the Baud rate has to be set at 4147200. For the testing I would like to capture data at 3600 Hz, therefore in the device configuration I set the data rate to 3600 Hz and 4147200 Baud rate.

The device is connected via a RS422 cable to the PXI, the VISA serial port was configured to 921600 Baud for the purpose of the configuration and then changed to 4147200 Baud to allow communication to continue.


I am now struggling to communicate with the device because it is now set to the higher baud rate that the PXI RS422 card does not seem capable of? I have looked at the specs of the card and it looks like it is limited at 3000 kBaud (Which is lower than the 4147200), any advice on how to resolve this problem would be appreciated.




Many Thanks

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If the PXI serial port does not support that baud setting, you have no choice than use a faster serial port, for example an Ethernet serial server or a USB adapter.

LV 7.1, 2011, 2017, 2019, 2021
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For that table you supplied, data rate of 3600Hz could probably be done with 3000k baud rate. Per my calculations the ideal would be 3180k, but 3000k would probably still work.

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