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Basler a312f Camera stops in the middle of data aquisition


I have a Basler a312f camera, connected by a 1394 firewire card to a pc with windows 7 on. Every time I operate the camera using NiMax, it works fine for a few mintues and then stops and writes "timeout error". Then in order to keep working I need to restart the computer. I tried the same camera and card on a different computer and they worked fine. Also I tried on the problematic computer with two other programs, one of them is the Pylon Viewer, and they also got stuck. 


Can anyone help?


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You are getting unexpected results from "the same camera and card" on one machine, but not on another.  Sounds like you have a bum PC.  Don't know whether it is hardware (inside the PC) or software, but I'd definitely look into replacing/fixing the PC, as that seems to be the source of the problem.

Bob Schor

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