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Basler ACE camera imaging error

Hello all!

I am trying to acquire pictures from Basler ace acA2440-75um USB3.0 camera in LabVIEW. I have already acquired images in Basler's pylon software and it's great! But the same pictures are distorted and segments of it are flashing randomly when I am trying to acquire in MAX or my VI. I have attached screenshots of the proper image in pylon software and the distorted images in MAX and my VI. Anyone know or came across such an issue?


Thanks in advance for your support.

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According to the manual from the manufacturer, this camera uses a special compression algorithm, hence may have a "proprietary" standard to explain why MAX and IMAQdx cannot "see" its images.  They also make no mention of LabVIEW ...


Bob Schor

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Hmm... Basler cameras are sold by NI, so I assume it should be pretty easy to integrate with LabVIEW... Have you contacted Basler tech support yet?

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