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Basler ACE USB 3.0 Camera Example VI?

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I am trying to find example VIs that will show me how to get good, color images out of my new Basler Ace USB 3.0 camera.  The example VIs I see in LabVIEW create some rudimentary image displays, but I have not found anything that will help me with the color settings and other parameters.  If anyone knows of good example VIs, please post links.



Forbes Black
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Accepted by topic author diarmaede
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

I'm not an expert, but here is how I modify my camera's settings:


Use the IMAQ-dx Vision Acquisition vi. (See image below.)

This will allow you to adjust the camera's settings and then convert your session into LabVIEW code where your settings are stored in a string.

You can also access your camera from NI Max and tweak the settings there to determine what you want, and then modify the settings in the string that was created for you in my previous instruction.



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Just got off the phone with NI tech support.  Turns out, I need an updated VAS.  Downloading now.  Thanks for your help.

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If you get really motivated you could write a slick wrapper for all the useful camera settings and post it on the VI Package manager.


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If I can do that without getting in trouble at work, I will, assuming I can figure everything out.

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