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Backing up 3 folders using tcp/ip but gets hanged.




I have done a program to back up data, via tcp/ip connection using a client server system. In this at first I have given 1 source folder and 1 target folder and a button called backup. When I run the program and I click on backup, an option is asked whether you want to copy or cut. On clicking copy or cut, the appropriate action is performed and the data will be copied or cut from the source folder to target folder. This is working perfectly fine. But now I have updated the program to have 3 source folders instead of 1 and I have kept all of them in a cluster. Now when I run the program, I have to first click all data, for all data from 3 folders and then I click back up. When I click back up the program gets hanged and nothing happens. Can someone help me why is this happening and how to solve the problem. I have attached the program with this. 

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Hi Vindsan,

I think you were experiencing a race condition.

After pressing "backup", the second event-structure would wait for the cluster and path values.

Those value would not be available until the first even-structure exited - when stop was pressed.

With the front panel "locked" until "backup" finished processing, the stop button would not work.

A quick fix is to edit the "backup" event and UNCHECK "lock panel".

I'm attaching an edited copy of your VI in case it might give you another idea on how to accomplish this logic.



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