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Background Image in X-Y Chart in Non-deterministic Loop

Hello. First time poster here. I've tried searching for the solution to this problem online with no results. I'm trying to change the background image of an X-Y chart to a jpeg using file I/O. I have an RT FIFO set up with synchronous loops. The purpose of these loops, in order of priority, is data sampling, data writing, and data visualization. The aforementioned background image problem is occurring in the data visualization loop. Basically, everything works fine when when using simulated data. As soon the computer is hooked up to the daq, the background image property node for the X-Y chart stops functioning, and instead the default black background shows up. Is it possible that this task is not executing because it is in a nondeterministic loop?

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Is it possible for you to provide your VIs so we can have a look at them and see if we can reproduce and fix the problem?



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