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[BUG] XControl allows you to shrink front panel window smaller than LV normally allows

If you set up an XControl, the facade opens up a normal window.Facade1.png

Which looks like this shrunk to smallest size.  If you then load up a VI in to memory that calls the XControl, you can shrink it further:




Finally, once you close the VI which calls the control in memory, it unlocks the facade, resulting in:




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So where is the bug part? Remember that the front panel of the facade sets the size -- or at least the default size -- for the control. 



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Well aware that facade window size = control size.  The bug is that it resizes to smaller than LV should allow.  Your "Minimize" and "Maximize" buttons aren't even clickable when it happens, and if you size it too small the "Close" button is barely clickable. The bug is purely visual when it is out of "Run" state.


It either needs to be set to where you can resize it smaller in normal state, or set to where you can't resize it in run state.

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That's why we need this idea. Smiley Very Happy

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