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BUG? Numeric control resets every other entry with non-standard display format

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I found what I think is a bug with a numeric control set to a non-standard display format.  I have the display format set to "%dW" (an integer followed by the letter W).  When I enter a number it works, but if I then enter the same number again, the numeric control resets to 0.  This continues to alternate as long as I enter the same value - one entry will be right, the next resets to 0.  LabVIEW 2009 SP1.  The VI does not even need to be running to see this behavior.  If I use a value change event I also see this - the "New" value will alternately be 0 even when that is not what I entered.

numeric format bug.png

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Yes.  I see what you mean.
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More strange things:  If your format string is %d W (notice the space between %d and W), and you highlight the number and the space, then type in the same number, it remains the same and does not go back to 0.  But if you highlight just the number and type in the same number, it will go back to 0.


- tbob

Inventor of the WORM Global
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Anyone from NI willing to file this as a bug?
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Hi guys,


That's easy to reproduce and I couldn't find an existing CAR so I created CAR# 235712 for this issue.  Thank you for providing feedback.


Justin Parker
National Instruments
Product Support Engineer
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Accepted by topic author nathand

I had someone contact me about this issue today.  Just as a follow up, this CAR was fixed in 2011.

Justin Parker
National Instruments
Product Support Engineer
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