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BSOD and bootup problems after installing labview and after uninstalling



About a month ago I tried to install labview by first installing NI package manager, and then installing LV. However, after attempting to install it for the first time and rebooting my computer, it wouldn't boot. I tried doing system repair, system restore, diagnosing problems, etc. and it was unable to find anything. I then tried doing startup settings, and selected random options. Essentially the same symptoms as this:


startup settingsstartup settings

After selecting an option, and my computer booting up to a black screen and me needing to restart, or the computer failing to boot with another BSOD, I eventually selected an option that let me boot up my computer and I uninstalled NI Package Manager (NIPM) and Labview. 


That was almost a month and a half ago. Since then, I have continued to experience the same symptoms. Sometimes my computer randomly BSODs, sometimes I shut my computer down and on boot-up it BSODs and I've gotten really sick of it. I always end up booting the computer to the startup settings and selecting any of these options until it boots.

Some of the BSOD error I get are:





I've started writing down which startup settings selecitons work. So far:

Never worked: 2, 6, 9, 

Sometimes worked, 4, 7 (if you select this the first time after getting BSOD it doesn't boot but after failing booting either to black or to another BSOD a few times and selecting it, this can work sometimes...)


What can I do! Please help this is really frustrating. Again, I'm essentialyl experiencing some of the same symptoms as here: but I do not have NI package manager, Labview or anything NI related (that I know of) installed...


Thank you for the help. 

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Your information is too sparse.


  • What is your windows version and bitness?
  • What exactly did you try to install?
  • What kind of computer is this (CPU, etc.)


That link seems to be about windows XP and driver installs on an ancient computer. Does that apply to your system? I really suspect something else is wrong with your computer?.

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If your PC seems to be working at least "somewhat", before doing anything else, back up your files.  I think, based on my own experience, the symptoms you've described, and the attempts you've made to fix it (including System Restores, etc.), you are most likely going to have to "start over" (reformat the C: drive, install Windows 10, install other software, restore your files, then start installation of LabVIEW).


If you need to run an older version of Windows, you'll probably need to install an older version of LabVIEW.


Bob Schor

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I know it's no help but NI Package manager is garbage, I had to completely restore two ATE stations that NI Package Manager left in a non-bootable state.

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