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BNC2120 Thermocouple with M6289

I am trying use my CJC of BNC-2120 thermocouple Ic sensor for temperature measurement,but I am not able to acquire it with M6289 mass terminator device.

Whenever I make labview program using DAQ assistant,using ai1 as physical channel and ai0 as temp ref for CJC(default in device),It is giving daq error that task is not specified.

I don't know what is the program whether 6289 can control temperature sensor directly or not.

Please assist me in this regard.



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Duplicate Post.  Please don't create multiple messages with the same question.


Since this question really belongs in the multifunction DAQ board, responses should go to the message thread there. 

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Hi, I have a BNC 2120 connector block. I has inbuilt temperature sensor to use for cold junction compensation. But I could not figure out how to do it in Labview for measuring temperature using thermocouple.


Also, BNC 2120 has one dedicated input for thermocouple. So I was wondering if there is possibility of reading more than one thermocouple reading using BNC 2120.


Any help would be appreciated.

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