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BCG and 16 bits images



I am building a VI to control the camera of a microscope, and I need to apply a BCG (Brightness/Contrast/Gamma) correction to the image in real time to be able to detect objects. I made a simple test VI with the IMAQ BCG provided with NI Vision, which worked perfectly as long as I kept my camera with a 8-bit depth. But as soon as I turned my camera in its proper 16 -bits unsigned mode - which is the one of interest for us - the BCG would not work anymore and returned me the Error 1074396080, described as Invalide image type.


I tried to look on the NI forum for help, but all I could find is this old thread which is not marked as resolved and suggest using an array to overcome the issue. The documentation on the IMAQ BCG does not specify that the subVI only works with 8-bit images, so I would like to know if there was a way to use this subVI directly with 16 bits images.



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Hi Joelle,


Thank you for the suggestions. I have already tried the 1st article in two different ways: (1) sending a 16-bit picture (either signed or unsigned) casted into the same type of picture (16-bit) into the IMAQ BCG, or even (2) sending a 8-bit picture casted into a 16-bit (either signer or unsigned) into the same VI. Unfortunately, both returned the same error code.


The 2nd article is not really relevant here because I do not save the picture (for the moment), I am just displaying it live while grabing the signal. The last article discuss about color image, but I am using a monochrome camera (Photonfocus).





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