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Autoscaling Y-axis taking too much of screen space for only small change in Y

Cheers Mike I would implement your advise and see how far I get. While we are on topic I wonder if you could advise on another issue with Y-axis!

I am programmatically hiding/showing-axis scales- initially duplicated three times, i am only showing the scale selected and only one scale needs to be shown at a time.  

However sometimes, position of a scale just go off the graph, so although enabled, it wont show on the graph- I may see one or two digit but rest of it seems to have slided off the graph to the left. Is this something which you have come across and could you advise on this please. 


i am thinking now that my only alternative may be to hide all scales and use numeric control and update it programmatically based on the scale selected.


Any ideas?

ATE and Labview Consultant
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