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Automation of Bluetooth Pairing in LabVIEW

Hello everyone.I am having one Bluetooth dongle, needs to pair automatically with other Bluetooth devices.I have attached VI for pairing of Bluetooth devices which i found on NI website.By using this VI, i am able to pair Bluetooth devices by asking pop-up confirmation in Windows for pairing as a part of security.Can any one tell how to eliminate this pop up message or programmitically automate this pop up messages in Windows so that i can able to pair Bluetooth devices automatically without any interference. Also needs to know any other LabVIEW VI's to perform this task .




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I use LabVIEW 2012 so i can't open your VI. But i don't think we used same method as you.

We created a LabVIEW wrapper around a command line tool "Bluetooth Command Line Tools". The tool got its last update in 2011, but works at least for us at Windows 7. I think that when we implemented the test on Windows 7 machine we got problems with security.  My recollection of how we did solve this may not be correct but i think we set the windows user to be local administrator and set UAC to never notify.

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