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Automatically import image files from a folder to Labview program

can you please send the vi of how to read images from folder 

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Hi saurabhdakhore! We'd be happy to find you some help with this, but this thread has been inactive for a long time. You'll have a better chance of finding help on the forums if you create a new thread.

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Hi.. I would like to export image from graph chart for every 5 minutes to monitor AC Voltage and Current waveform. So in one hours i could get 12 image (BMP format). The image is automatically save in specific folder when i run the program. 

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You should post a new message rather than replying to an old thread that isn't related to your question.  (This thread is about importing, you are talking about exporting.)


Have you searched the forums for your keywords?  Questions about getting images and how to write to BMP files have been asked hundreds of times before.  There is the Write to BMP File function on the Graphics and Sound palette.

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