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Automatic X-ray quarantine scanner and pest infestation detector for agricultural products

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Dear Sir,

I found this 2 notice in internet.
I need a X RAY CT to scan and sorting my fresh chestnuts. The notice speak about LABVIEW.Can you let me know some company do x ray ct for my fresh chestnuts?
Best regards Vito Cioffi

Automatic X-ray quarantine scanner and pest infestation detector for agricultural products



Highlights A new automatic and effective fruit quarantine system is presented. Guava, pitaya, pear, apple, peach, mango and Sunkist are used for experiments. Optimal settings for X-ray tube are presented. This paper presents a new automatic and effective quarantine system for detecting pest infestation sites in agricultural products, e.g. fruits. This work integrated mechanical design, mechatronics instrumentation, X-ray and charge-coupled device (CCD) image acquisition devices, LabVIEW-based analysis and control software, and image diagnosis algorithms into the automatic X-ray quarantine scanner system. Based on the LabVIEW development platform, a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) was designed for assisting the operations of quarantine scanner system. To enhance the accuracy and efficiency of pest quarantine process, a control scheme for performing start-up procedure of the system, parameter setting and calibration of the X-ray source and line-scan sensor, and automatic inspection for pest were developed. A novel pest infestation detector consisted of image processing algorithms were also proposed to aid the operator in identifying possibly infested fruits. The image processing procedures include contrast enhancement, median filtering, mathematical morphology operators, and adaptive thresholding by statistical z-test for identifying the infested sites of fruit on an X-ray image. Experimental results show that the X-ray quarantine scanner and pest infestation detector are able to locate the infested sites with highly successful rate up to 94% on the 4th day after eggs implanted. Furthermore, both intact and egg-implanted fruits were used to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and precision of the proposed system. The evaluation results are respectively 96.8%, 98.6%, 97.7%, and 98.7%, which are significantly better than traditional visual inspection.


Comparison of X-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to detect pest-infested fruits: A pilot study


Non-destructive testing (NDT) technology is a widely used inspection method for agricultural products. Compared with the conventional inspection method, there is no extensive sample preparation for NDT technology, and the sample is not damaged. In particular, NDT technology is used to inspect the internal structure of agricultural products infested by pests. The introduction and spread of pests during the import and export process can cause significant damage to the agricultural environment. Until now, pest detection in agricultural products and quarantine processes have been challenging because they used external inspection methods. However, NDT technology is advantageous in these inspection situations. In this pilot study, we investigated the feasibility of X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify pest infestation in agricultural products. Three kinds of artificially pest-infested fruits (mango, tangerine, and chestnut) were non-destructively inspected using X-ray CT and MRI. X-ray CT was able to identify all pest infestations in fruits, while MRI could not detect the pest-infested chestnut. In addition, X-ray CT was superior to the quarantine process than MRI based on the contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), image acquisition time, and cost. Therefore, X-ray CT is more appropriate for the pest quarantine process of fruits than MRI.

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I need a X RAY CT to scan and sorting my fresh chestnuts. The notice speak about LABVIEW.

LabVIEW is a programming language, apparently it was use to control one of the instruments. Nothing to do with CT scanning.

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Accepted by topic author VITOCIOFFI

Contact the authors of those two papers, expressing an interest in their technology, and a willingness to purchase a product to scan your chestnuts.  It is highly unlikely that anyone in the LabVIEW Forum will have the information you are looking for ...


Bob Schor

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Whom are you thanking?  Go to the Post with what you consider "the Solution" and press the "Accept as Solution" (or whatever the button is labeled) to help other Forum users.


Bob Schor

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