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Automate LPC2000 flash utility v2.2.2



I'm wondering if there is a way to automate the LPC2000 flash utility. I practically have no knowledge about this SW (I dont even have it) except that it uploads a hex file to an eeprom / uC. Currently programming the DUT is done manually at my client and I'm wondering if we somehow can automate the process. We dont need to stick to the LPC2000 anything would work until it performs exactly the same.



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I know nothing about LPC2000, however these utility programs usually have a command line version that you can launch from your LV program.

Parameters are given on the command line itself.

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A quick Google for the LPC2000 flash utility found this: Firmware Tool – Philips LPC2000 Flash Utility voor NXP microcontrollers (Windows)


It’s also possible to use the commandline like this:

START c:\windows\desktop\lpc210~1.exe "a.hex" 10000 LPC2103/2/1 COM1: 19200 1


So it looks like it is possible to automate this using the LabVIEW System Exec VI

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I had to put this project aside for a while, just picked it up again couple days ago.


Its true that the LPC2000 has a command line interface as mentioned by @RTSLVU but I couldnt locate any related documentation. Not sure if the program streams the result of the programming to a file (again, no documentation), but the program returns no status message at all to the command line. This means I can only know if the program has finished the execution but no idea if it was successful or not.


Found an alternative called Flashmagic, which seems to work just fine and has proper documentaiton.

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