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Auto fill a control box

Is there a way to have a path control start with a value that would direct to the current users desktop but would allow the user to change locations by using the file folder button. Setting default data is similar to what I'm looking for but I need the link to vary to each user.



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The Get System Directory vi (in File I/O -> File Constants palette) can get the current user desktop location. Assign its output to the control.

LV 7.1, 2011, 2017, 2019
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You can right click the path control >> browse options >> start path.


You can also set it programmatically with a property node >> browse options >> start path.

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This Knowledge Base article How Do I Set the Initial Path of My File Dialog Boxes In LabVIEW? deals with that question, you would just need to specify the start path as the desktop. 

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Hi cdiaz,


That does not set the default path of a path control, it launches a dialog for you to pick a file. I have already explained how to select the default path of a control above.

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