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Auto adjustable Tab Control with change in window resolution


   I am in need of designing a front panel where i have a tab control with image icons, i want the tab control its icons and all its controls and indicators within the tab control to resize when the window resolution changes.

I have attached by Front panel view for 2 different resolution. kindly find the image in the attachment.

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This is potentially possible to do, but it will be quite difficult and not particularly guaranteed to work.  Here's a substitute suggestion:

  1. Create two "Top-Level" VIs, one for each Screen size.  Edit the Tab Control (and all of its contents!) so they look acceptable at the two sizes.
  2. Create a very small "Run Me First" VI that does the following:
    1. It interrogates its Monitor's size and determines which of the two Top Level VIs will "fit".
    2. It "chains to" the appropriately-sized Top Level VI, bring its Front Panel into view.  If you do this right, you can exit Run Me First once the right-sized Top Level VI is running.Bob 

Bob Schor

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