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Audio in samples delaying operation

Hi there,


I am currently trying to get  my script to run 'live', with audio coming in (Via MyRIO) and then simply played out.

However, when configuring the 'audio in', you must select the number of samples. Ideally this would be continuously reading samples at the defined sample rate. 

The problem is that this maximum is 10,000 samples, so when manipulating live data, an audio 'drop out' is heard on the 'audio out' as the 10,000 samples is manipulated, then restarted. This gives a very choppy output.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could eliminate the drop outs, with the live input being played out in real time.

Please find the VI attached.


Many thanks


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Hi Watter,


Unfortunately, this is not possible with using the express VI.


What I would recommend doing is moving towards the FPGA.

Reading in the data and putting it into a FIFO buffer. This gives you great control on data acquisition and generation. 


Have a look at the following tutorial:


See if this helps 🙂


Happy Coding!


Natan Biesmans, CLD


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