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Attempt to Open or Create TDMS file gives error -2501

Nevermind, I figured it out. I was using Chrome, and it likes Explorer better. The file name is "Tue_Aug_04_2015_AT0572-100_AD14F0246_Test_1.tdms" I also am adding screenshots of the VI's I posted before. Like I said it was working fine until i removed the strip and build path functions. 

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augh, sorry. added the wrong file

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I'm also getting a logfile with this message in it:


***************** New logfile section *******************
ToRootData.cpp(210): TDMS: ERROR: TDS Exception in Initialize: Tds Error: TdsErrNotTdsFile(-2503):

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tap tap tap... it this thing on?

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Can you use the Highlight Execution function to verify where in your program the error is occuring?

Seeing exactly where the error occurs can help narrow down at what point the file becomes corrupted



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Hi Speaks,


I already got your TDMS from the FTP server. However, the "TDMS file" is not complied with TDMS file format at all, although its suffx is ".tdms". The content is all the same to the .txt file you uploaded in this post. So that's the reason why you got -2503 when you opening the file. I'm not sure how you can generated this file. But please have a check, you can try to open the TDMS file in Windows notepad, if the content is readable, then it would not be a TDMS file for sure.

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interesting, the file is created using the TDMS tools....

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@Speaks wrote:

interesting, the file is created using the TDMS tools....

Have you tried creating a new file using the same code, or have you just been stuck with this one file for a while? If it's a text readable file, then maybe you accidentally did something weird while moving files around.


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The file name is supposed to change on a daily basis. I used to use the same structure to create .csv files, but converted (or at least attempting to) everything over to TDMS. The main thing I want to point out is that the attached vi (please view is in a case structure that enables me to start and stop recording the data. The data starts recording just fine in TDMS format; no issues. I can take the file and read it using the tdms read tools as well. When I restart recording again is when I get the error, and the file is corrupted. 

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Attached is the tdms-ish file in the zip file. By looking at in Notepad you can see where it changes.

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