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Atmel Atiny 2313 chip ,NI 8451 SPI flash issue

Hi, all I have two kind of chips.One is Atiny 2313, Another is 8515. Now We want to use SPI communication method to flash the HEX file into the chip. The hardware is NI 8451. As I learn less about chip SPI flash, can you tell me more about the SPI flash. Thank you in advance!

If it is possible, could you share some experience with me. Thank you  again!

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Actually SPI flash is a flash memory device that has SPI interface.

About SPI interface you can read by link below.



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I only have experience programming AVR chips with a dedicated Atmel device programmer, but you can read the sections on "Serial Programming" in the datasheets for those devices to see how to use their SPI interfaces to program their memories. There are various sequences of reset pin pulses that must be applied along with the SPI writes and reads, it's all spelled out in detail in the datasheets. It would probably be easier to buy an Atmel or third-party AVR programmer and just use their software to do it instead of implementing it yourself in LabVIEW.

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