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Associate a description to the physical channels to be displayed on the graph and output file

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I would like to associate a descriptive name to each channel. I would like the save file and the graph to show the description of that channel as well as the name of the physical channel.


How can I make a graph that shows me the description of each channel on the legend (instead of or in addition to the name of the physical channel)?


Sorry but I can't do it being a newbie on Labview.




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How do i programmatically change plot legend names


Just wire your channel descriptor to Plot.Name

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Can I ask you How?


The goal is to uniquely provide a description (or similar) to each waveform. This description must then be parametrically recalled on the graph.




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It says in the link i provided.


Wire a Description string to Plot.Name with the ActPlot set to what you need (presumably for loop counter since you use it to name a scale)

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The VI is big and cointains many other types of AI. I can't come up with the robust solution. 😞 😞 😭

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This work could possibly also be done at the AIVoltage level, but I can't connect a multi array. Can you help me?




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Accepted by topic author RobotC08

You can use DAQmx Flatten Channel String when setting up multiple channels.


names.png RamonG_0-1628062727151.png


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Very good!!! thank you so much guys.

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