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Assign Filenames of Images

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Here is my current VI...

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It's error with WriteBMPFile cause you are deallocating (IMAQ Dispose) the Image inside the Aquisition Loop before save it.

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How should I fix that?  I need to dispose of the images at some point right?

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Accepted by topic author Max_2013

If there isn't before ... should be after, agree? 😄   



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Hmm, still not working.  Absolutely no files show up.

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Sry, i had make one mistake. Image updated in previous post.


 Look  two attached examples. Both still working.


'm using IMAQdx Functions instead.




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I really appreciate your help!


Something pretty frustrating has just happened.  I wired an error message to the save BMP portion and noticed that the BMP selection resulted in an "invalid image type" error.  Can I not save my image as a BMP?!  That seems rather odd. 


So I decided to select PNG instead.  I actually named the file that I was saving as *.bmp, and checked my folder to see what happened.  It was a BMP image (hurray?), but I have a feeling that it is not a raw BMP.  Does selecting PNG and then writing .bmp compress the image and lose data or something?


And, any help regarding using write to file to actually save a BMP.


The rest of the code is working perfectly!


Thank you.

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Functions: IMAQ ColorImageToArray, Flatten Pixmap and Write BMP File


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Ok, so I just realized the a 24 bit is probably unecessary.  I am working with grayscale images from a 12bit camera.  The images go straight to 16 bit, but the read in BMP VI does not support 16-bit.  How can I work with the arrays of these 16 bit images, also how can I save them as 16bit in the first place?


The code I wrote to work with the arrays is for 24 bit images.  So if there is an easy way to get the image to 24 bits in the first place I guess I could do that.

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I think should be better consider force a "typecast " with IMAQ CastImageType Function to U16 (If need) and use PNG format and write into file using IMAQ WriteFile2 Function. U can swap the extensions (Putting bmp instead png) in filepath (Works as the same)... consider this like a pseudo-workaround 😄


I found it inside Read BMP File . Labview cannot handle 16 bits BMP. Even using Vision Toolkit (Always throws an error in Write BMP File)


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