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Ask for help with LabView Daq and Tek VX4244 VX4101

I use NI VIO-MXI-64XE-10, Tek VX4101 and Tek VX4244 to acquire data in one
Tek 1410A VXI mainframe connected a PII 350/64M computer with MXI2
cable.these modules are used for three independent applications,the datum
are acquired and through preliminary computation, then sent to three TCP/IP
ports the computer served in real time. the burden of the system will be
very heavy because the 64XE-10 need to use up the 100K sample rate
continuously dealed by 50 channels,and the VX4244 need about 30Hz for all 16

64XE-10 is easily detected by NI software, and I can use LabView Daq
intermediate analog input VIs to acquire data in background, read 50 samples
and compute the mean for each channel,then packa
ge the 50 mean and send to
client end with 40 times a second. I found the speed is satisfactory.

As for VX4244 and VX4101,I can't use LabView Daq VIs,and the driving
functions for LabView with the product are difficult to understand, I want
to know how I can get data and send out efficiently,how to get data in
background,and how to use FDC ?

And for 64XE-10, although the speed is satisfactory, but it use much more
CPU resource, I want to use advanced analog input VIs to build the code,I
want to know where I can find examples using the advanced analog input VIs ?

Best Regards
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