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Are there LabVIEW programs written for electrophysiology?



I'm trying to set-up an electrophysiology experiment, and I need a data aqcuisition program for my patch clamp amplifier.  I've reviewed the existing software applications (pCLAMP, CellWorks, Pulse/Patchmaster), but, since LabView is used fairly extensively in our lab I was wondering if there are any existingprograms/VIs written in LabView for data acq in an electrophysiology set-up.  I see that NI had something called BioBench for a while, but that they've discontinued it as of April 2009.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I don't really want to spend a lot of time developing something on my own, especially if there's something already available.




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I have written some electrophysiology LV programs, but not anything which would be directly applicable to your experiment.


The data acquisition examples can be used as a starting point to get the data into the computer.  The analysis and interpretation you may have to do yourself.  If you ask specific questions, you may find someone who has done something similar for a particular part.


There is also a Biomedical Users Group (which I have not yet joined).  The moderato sent me this in an email recently.:


I've noticed that you often contribute to discussion postings related to biomedical applications - please come over and join our new User Group - we need experts like you!

Steve Johnson (moderator)

Follow this link to join:

You may need to complete a short registration before joining the group. "



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Hi Chris,


A number of people out there have developed LabVIEW applications for doing electrophysiology.  If you Google "LabVIEW electrophysiology" or "LabVIEW patch clamp" you'll find some stuff.


Here's one promising lead:  LabPatch:

You can probably contact this person and get them to send you the source code (they say its "free").


Depending on what you are actually trying to accomplish, it may be possible to start with a simple LabVIEW example program and expand from there as your needs develop.  Are you needing a "scope" like program that capture relatively fast waveforms based on some kind of trigger condition (stimulus/response) or continuous acquisition of spontaneous activity?  We also have an application called "Signal Express" which can you started very quickly and can be easily customized to do on-line processing - worth taking a look at:


Here's a simpler URL for our Biomedical User Group:


Good luck!


Visit the NI Biomedical User Group at:
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Here, there is an electrophysiology software enirely written with LabView ( Maybe it helps.


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