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Are Labview VI's Automation Objects?

Many Microsoft products (such as Internet Explorer and Excel) are designed so that they can be programmatically controlled by an external application, typically one written in Visual Basic or
VBA or VBScript. Does anyone know if the GUI programs produced by Labview can be similarly
controlled by an external application? If so, does anyone know where the interfaces used to do this
are documented? Thank you.

Dennis Newbold
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LabVIEW itself can be an automation object and you can use that interface to load and run VIs. I believe that will give you what you are asking for.

Check out the LabVIEW Help and the LabVIEW User's guide. Look for "Activating LabVIEW as an ActiveX Server" in the help. In the user's guide, it is chapter 19, "LabVIEW as an ActiveX Server".
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