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Are LabVIEW OOP "Helpers" modifiable?

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I am finally "byting the bullet" and attempting to refactor one of my Projects to use LabVIEW OOP (it seems to me ideally suited for OOP-ifying).


But I have a few "picky issues".  I don't always like the way LabVIEW "helps" me.  Some things I can change (like the default Class Icon), and I do.


But others I'd like to change to conform to my own personal style.  Here's an example -- create a New VI for Data Member Access.  Works fine, but the Error terminals are named "error in (no error)" and "error out", while I use "Error In" and "Error Out" (note the Silver Controls also use the latter "prettier" names).  While I'm thinking of it, what if I want to use Silver (or System, or even Classic) Controls?


Another thing is that I've try to "encourage" myself to use Revision History by turning on the Option "Prompt for a Comment when a VI is saved".  Each time you create a New VI for ... there appears to be a whole lot of "saving" going on in the background because I need to hit "OK" (for saves to Historylv_icon.lvlibp) several times.


Are the (I presume scripting) processes used to help us available and modifiable?  I do realize that if I start messing around, I could create a real mess, but that's why Re-Install was invented!  If not, I'll just Grin and Work Around It.


Bob Schor

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The templates for data accessors can be found in the subfolders here:



Search that folder for *.vit and you'll find all the templates used by the new accessor wizard. Modify them to your heart's content!

DNatt, NI
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Take a look at <LabVIEW directory>\resource\Framework\Providers\LVClassLibrary\NewAccessors, and then into "ArrayElementScripter" and "BaseAccessorScripter". There are the codes which make "magic" when you create new accessor. And there are "Custom User Scripting For New Simple Accessor" and "Custom User Scripting For New Array Element Accessor", where you can put your own code called when accessor is created - use these two VIs, and there would be no need to reinstall whole LV, just make backup copies of these two.

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Wow!  Looks like I'd only need to replace the "traditional" Error Cluster with mine "Silver-named" cluster (and I only need to change the name ...).  Many thanks!



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