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Arduino and myRIO UART



I have a project in which I am using a bmp180 pressure sensor, whose data is being decoded by an Arduino Uno. I am getting the values in the Serial monitor, but I want to get the values in myRIO and display it there. I have used the UART express VI to read the data from the rx and tx ports but no luck. I think my connections are correct. Any help would be appreaciated.



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I am working on a project in which an arduino uno decodes the BMP180 pressure data, and I want to give that data to the myrio to display. Problem is, even though my connections of RxTx seem correct, I don't get anything on the myrio. Any help would be appreaciated.


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How are you going to display it in the myRIO, as it has not video card? 


Any way, show your vi, and detail the hardware connection that you have made, if we should be able to help you.

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So one thread is not enough? 


Do not start multiple threads of the very same topic 

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I have merged the threads so all discussion can be kept in one place.

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When I reloaded the page I didn't notice my previous thread, so I started a new one. Not my fault.

And I don't think myrio needs a video card, to display plain text. As I said, I am getting the values through UART. I am attaching the arduino code (in text, as the forum does not allow .ino files) and the simple VI used to get the values.

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Is the Uno connected to the PC with the USB cable? 

If so, that is your main problem. 

As the Uno has limited ports on the chip, the Uart and the USB share the pins used for UART on the Arduino Uno. 


Second: have you connected Uno Rx to myRIO Tx ? 

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Yes, I do have the rx and tx connected vice versa and no cable plugged in.

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Nobody has posted and idea to fix this for a long time. Does anyone have any solutions?

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