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Arduino and USB Camera not working together


Hello Gentleman,


I have a problem, maybe you can help me.


I'm developing a system using a couple of arduinos to control a CNC-like machine, the machine has a camera in one of the axis, you will place the camera over the ROI with the arduino and the camera take the images.


it was working in my old laptop fine, but I'm migrating to a newest laptop (old one is slow) and it is not working anymore, ones I activate the camera to see the image the camera shows me "timeout error 0xbff6901b", I'm using the same instruments, wires, etc from one computer to the other, but the new laptop does't work, it looks like the problem starts when I open the serial port to communicate with the arduino (I'm using simple serial communication), seems like the camera is trying to use the same "resources" than the arduino.


I know they can work together since it is working in my old laptop but not in the new one, it there a way to verify whats is going on?


any hint would be highly appreciated


Tx in advance



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We don't know what you did, we don't know much about either computer, we've not seen any code, I don't understand what "Arduino" and "USB Camera" have to do with each other, so it is difficult to know how to help you.  Some questions:

  • I assume the USB Camera (what camera?) is connected to a USB port.  Are you programming the Camera with LabVIEW's Vision Development Module and Vision Acquisition Software?
  • I assume that the Arduino is also connected to a USB port.  Does your computer have two separate USB ports?
  • Can you take a screen shot (what?  I want a picture?) of the Devices and Interfaces section of MAX?  It might also be helpful to see a screen shot of the Software section of MAX.

For even more help, you might consider compressing the folder holding your Project and attaching the resulting Zip file to your reply, just in case there's some problem in your code that we can't see.


Bob Schor

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You posted in the LabVIEW forum.  You talk about Arduino and a USB camera, but never mention LabVIEW.


Where does LabVIEW come into play in all of this?

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Hello Bob,


I didn't know how to start, this is my first time here.

I'm using LV to develop an interface to control a CNC-like and a camera.

I'm using 2 separated cycles to run them, one is using a simple serial communication with the arduino, just read and write text. The other cycle is getting images from the camera using IMAQdx

If I unplug the Arduinos (they are hooked to an USB port) the camera runs well (camera in a separated USB port), otherwise gave me the error I mentioned.

I don't think the SW itself have a problem, since as I mention, it is working on the oldest computer, I'm guessing there is a problem in the configuration, maybe in the max, maybe at the OS, but I'm not sure where to look at.

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Hello RavensFan,


I'm using LV to develop an interface to control a CNC-like and a camera.

 as I comment to bob, they are not working together in a new computer and I guess there is a problem with the configuration, since the SW runs fine in my oldest computer, but I don't know where to start to look for the problem

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