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Arduino and Mac OS Catilina

I'm trying to interface my Arduino Uno with LabView, but nothing seems to work:

I tried to install the LIFA from VI Package Manager, and that gave me the option "Arduino" in the palette, but I had no connection with my hardware.

I saw that it was suggested to install LINX, but the VI Package Manager didn't allow it, so I downloaded it from GitHub and I was able to have MakerHub in my tool menu, but when I opened the "LINX firmware wizard" I wasn't able to push any buttons in the  when the window was opened. 

Then I tried to install the NI VISA but in order to try and set the connection between hardware and software, but I wasn't able to do any actions in it. 


I feel that the problem is the compatibility between mac and LINX. Does anybody have any suggestions? 

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Have you tried to setup everything on Windows?

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