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ApplicationWebServer 32 bit crashing with 4 WebServices running

Hi all,


I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this question. If it's not please move it to the appropriate board.


Here's the situation. I have 4 web services deployed in a server running windows 7 professional 64 bits. One is getting information from field devices and saving it to a DB. The other 3 are accessing the DB and formatting the information to be displayed by an ThinClient developed using LabView Web UI Builder.


The problem is that the webserver is crashing if more than 10 users access the ThinClient web page (the ThinClient is updating the information displayed every 1 sec).


I have the windows services monitoring the application web server and restarting the computer if the process crashes. Some times when it does windows restarts some times don't.


The question is, Is it normal behavior for the application webserver to crash under these conditions?


Any information will help.


Thanks in advance ..

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Hi CesarCh,


          First of all I apologize for the response time, I hope the info is still helps. I did some research but found nothing similar to the problem you are having. It is also difficult to reproduce. My suggestion would be to do a couple of changes in your application so you can identify where the problem is. For example, try to run the application on a different computer. Another idea could be to simplify the application to do some basic things in the webservices and see if the application webserver still crashes. If you don't use the ThinClient, the other webservices work fine? This are just some ideas that you could try. Let me now how it goes.


          Hope it helps, cheers.

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Hi Hector, Thanks for the response.


I figured out that one of the WebServices accessing the DB was not closing the connection correctly. If enough users accesed the Service the DBMS bloqued the new connections due to a limitation on number of active connections.


I forgot about updating this thread util now.


Thanks for the support..

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I'm glad you figured out the problem!



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