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Application won't run from network drive. Runs fine locally.

I've built an application with LV2014sp1 and it works fine when copied to a machine with the 2014 RTE. However, if I place it on a network drive (with its data folder too), it generates a list of missing subVI errors related to NI_MAPro.lvlib and NI_AALBase.lvlib when I try to run it from the network drive.

If I just drag the exe from the network drive to my desktop and run that, it is fine.

Historically, we've been able to run applications from our network drives, so I don't know why this one fails?

Most of the missing items are related to filtering (I have an express VI for filtering in my application).

It doesn't matter if I use a pc with just the RTE, or if I use my development machine.

I've tried unchecking all of the "additional exclusions" in the build properties, but no joy.

error.PNGMessage when run from network drive

Any suggestions?

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Did you create and installer for your EXE and install the program to the network drive?  I think an EXE that relies on some analysis routines places a DLL in the data subdirectory that the EXE is installed to.  Does your network drive have a subdirectory called "DATA:?

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Is your network location mapped to a drive letter or used directly with the \\computer\share - designation?


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You're too quick for me. I was getting ready to post that the problem mysteriously fixed itself.

But, to answer your question, when I put the exe on the network drive, I included the "data" subdirectory with the dll that was in my build results, so that should have been ok.

I went back the build properties under "Source File Settings" and selected "Dependencies" from the project files. The inclusion type was "include if referenced" and all of the checkboxes were uncheck (the default condition).

I checked "Set destination for all contained items" and chose the name of my exe file.

I also checked "Set destination for packed and shared libraries" and chose the name of my exe file.

I rebuilt the application and now it works when copied to, and run from the network drive.

I wanted to find out which checkbox was necessary for this fix, so I went back and unchecked one of them, rebuilt and tested it, still good.

I unchecked the other box (now back to default), rebuilt and surprise, it still worked.

Then, I created a fresh build specification, added my source VI, left everything else default, built it and IT STILL WORKS.

So, I don't know why it wouldn't work the first several times I built it, and I don't know how it fixed itself, but the problem seems to be gone. I also tried it from another computer that had been exhibiting the same error and it worked there now too.

Thanks to all that have posted replies (I see that Yamaeda has also posted).

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