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Application not recognizing DAQmx front end

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I have an application that has been running for 6 years.  It was built in Windows 7 using LabVIEW 2013.  One of our site last had a computer failure.  The computer was rebuilt with Windows 7.

i loaded the drivers from my 2013 disk and also downloaded the Run Time Engine for 2013. 
I run Auto Max and it finds the PCI 6221 card fine.  I import the configuration file that has the front end information, SC2345 with six ACC01 modules.  I can run the test panels in MAX and see every signal on every channel!

I save it, close it and run my application.  Nothing.  The software runs fine but there are no input traces on the screen.

i must be missing something very basic here but without a support contract with NI, they have thrown me to the board.

any ideas are more than welcome.

Ron Brook

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How does the application call the DAQmx board?


My theory is that you had tasks created in MAX in your original PC.  You did not recreate those tasks in the new PC.  So if your application is trying to run a task called "MyVoltageTask1" that was defined in MAX, but isn't now, you are going to get an error.


You haven't stated what error number your application is giving you.


The other possibility is that if your application builds its own tasks internally, but is based on a named device, that the devices now have different names on the new PC than they did on the original.  Similar problem as mentioned above, but it applies to device names rather than pre-defined task names.

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Yes! I never got an email on this but that was the solution!  I found it on my own.  The default was ‘My Accelerometer Task’ but I treated it like it was a bank security code!!! I finally found it spelled out in a saved configuration file.

thank you. Kudos!

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Hi again.

I have a new PCIe 6320 DSP card in a desktop computer running Windows 10.  I have run NI MAX and it has discovered the PCIe 6320 card.  I also have a SC2345 front end with six ACC01 modules for accelerometers and one AI01 module for AC voltage from a tach.  I create the SC2345 device and everything populates fine.  Then when I finish it, it shows up under Devices and Interfaces with a "0:" in front of the proper device name and it will not communicate.  The name should read "NI SC-2345 "SCC1", but instead it reads "0: NI SC-2345 "SCC1"" and it does not communicate.  I also have a DAQmx Task defined, but it does not communicate as well.  HELP!  The PCIe 6320 is a brand new card from National Instruments.  I will also call tech support for help.



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Hoping you can help.

New computer running Windows 10.  New PCIe 6320 card since the slots aren’t PCI legacy anymore.

downloaded DAQmx15, since my application was written in LabVIEW 15.

NI MAX finds the card, no problem.

i made sure the task has the correct name.

Create the SC-2345 block, with the correct PWR setting(2 because I have a universal power supply, it has the correct PCIe card assigned and the ‘black cable on the side’ selection.  Six ACC01 modules and one AI01 module.  
I finish creating it and when I look at the ‘Devices and Interfaces’ tree, the name of the SC-2345 block has a ‘0:’ in front of it and when I try to test it, I get a communication error.  What does that additional ‘0:’ mean?  It must reference an error but I have read the entire manual for it and can’t find any topic that describes it.  This system in sitting in Portland, Or and I live in New Jersey.  Not easy to troubleshoot.

Any ideas?

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