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Application is not able to keep up with the hardware acquisition Issue



I am new to LabView Data Acquisition System, so please forgive me for asking the question below.


I am using USB-6212 and a Keyence IR temperature sensor to monitor our device's temperature over time continuously.

I want to run the temperature measurement system for at least 6 hours; however, the LabView software crashed 30 minutes later.

It shows an error message attached, and I believe it is due to not having enough memory space after it measured so much data.

(The Size 4 indicator shows the number of elements in an array)





I have read many articles about this issue, and some suggested using "Request Deallocation" to clear out some unused memory.

I'm unsure if "Request Deallocation" would work for my situation since I want the program to run continuously (nonstop) for a few hours until a certain condition has been met.


I would like to see if anyone has any suggestions for solving this problem.


Thank you very much; I really appreciate for your help





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Id recommend you to take a look at this link, and search for examples

already included in your LabVIEW Environment.


Inside the link, take a look at the NI-DAQmx Read section

Examples listed are also available in LabVIEW installation.


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On top of what LFBaute has shared and you should avoid using DAQ Assistant VI, you can check out Understanding and Avoiding NI-DAQmx Overwrite and Overflow Errors to learn how to configure suitable timing parameters as well.

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Hi LFBaute and ZYOng,


Thank you for your suggestions!

I edited the program to use NI DAQmx and producer-consumer architecture.

Now I have tried to run the code for 2 hours so far, and it works great!


Thank you very much once again. I really appreciate it!

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