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Application Executable Running from start menu/programs is not behaving correctly


I've developed an application in LabVIEW which uses adb shell. The application is installed on PC using the installer generated by LabVIEW. My Program is installed in C:\Program Files(x86)\AppFolder and a short cut menu is created in start menu/programs after installation. When I click on my application icon in start menu/programs it is started but ADB shell is not loaded properly. But When I start the application from C:\Program Files(x86)\AppFolder, adb shell is loaded properly and application works correctly. Any pointer in this regard will be helpful. I'm running my application in Windows 7 Environment.

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I'd say it's either a start folder issue or a user rights issue.


When you say it's not loaded properly, what error do you get?

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It does not show any error but field which is required to be updated using some adb shell commands is not updated at all. When I ran the application from C:\Program Files(x86)\myApp folder it is loading the fields properly. The VI which runs asynchronously captures the output of few adb shell commands and keep updating the main VI.

Not sure why it is having no issue while running from application folder and even I created the shortcut to desktop for the application and from there also its is running without issues but runnig from start menu or programs is an issue.

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You probably have a Path Problem with the shortcut that doesn't work (although it could also be a weird Windows Permission thing).  Find the "working" shortcut (on your desktop?), right-click it, and write down its execution path.  Now do the same with the non-working shortcut -- are they the same?  [I'm guessing "Not"].


Bob Schor

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