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Application Directory VI in labview 7.1

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I have a slight issue. I need the location of an application in LV7.1. However Application Directory VI is not available in this version. The closest thing I could find was  “Current VI Path” but it returns the VI name in the path too. For example “K:\LabVIEW\”. I could just delete the last part but I do not know what the exact name will be. Is there a simple way to get just the containing folder path?

Since I do not know what it will be called + it will be made into an executable I am not sure what the resulting string will be. This is also why I’d like to avoid messing it with string actions.  

Thank you in advance!

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Never mind I made a small VI that does just that. However I do not know how to delete this post 🙂 

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You can't delete.


If you want to be helpful for someone in the future.  Attach your VI.

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And then mark the post where you include your VI as the solution!

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sorry about the late reply. Also sorry but I could not find the "VI sniplet" option. So here is the section that does the job 🙂 



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One remark: 


Originally I made a version that messes with the resulting string. However that solution does not work well if the vi is compiled. This version works in both dev and application environments. 

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