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Application Builder

Ed Haack wrote in message <8cfqvh$rnk$>...
>I am using Labview 5.01 with the associated application builder. I have
>LLB which consists of 4 top level vi's and numerous sub vi's.
>All of the vi's run fine with no errors. However, when I compile it to
>executable using the "Build Application" command, the resulting appilcation
>indicated the vi's are broken (broken gray run arrow instead of white one).
>When I click on the run arrow, it gives an error message that says "A subvi,
>type definition, or external subroutine is missing or inconsistent with
>vi". For the life of me, I can't figure this out. Any help would be
>greatly appreciated.
>Ed Haack

Hi Ed,

have you added all 4 t
op Vis while building application?
(there is an option in the Builder where you can define which Vis are top
You must also create installer if you want the EXE to have no problems

I don't know if the above will help


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