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Application Builder, single installer for multiple labview applications

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We've got three application and want to distribute them, We made three installers for each and it is work fine, all of them also include the runtime engine and the size of installer is around 300 MB, however instead of having three 300 MB , we have been asked to generate a single 300MB installer for all, in a way that the user can select which app they want during installation. Is there any way to do this?

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Hmmm, personally not heard or seen anyone do that.


It's possible that you may get more flexibility if you look at using something like VIPM or NI Package builder but I can't really comment as I have limited "standard" experience of them both. 


I've seen something a bit "friggy" in the past where an installer has installed 2 EXEs (actually 3) and then prompt user via LV EXE (the 3rd EXE) called from batch which asks one they want to "install" and then based upon selection delete the other.. this was an adaptation of customer code so hence "friggy" :-D. BUT it meant there was 1 installer!!





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Step 1: Make Welcome executable with functionality like asking for selection of 3 executable, copy executable from one folder to desired installation folder and creating shortcut.

Step 2: Make one folder containing all 3 executable. 

Step 3: While building installer go to Installer property/Advanced tab and select option to run Welcome executable at the end of installation. Welcome executable will provide rest functionality.


Labview 6.1 - 2019
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We thought of similar approach, however in this case welcome message application remains in the installation folder.

We are looking for possibly an option in application builder to provide this feature, as some software suits for packaging and deployment provide this functionality.

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Accepted by topic author Dr--X

According to your requirement you may need to search third party toolkit if available.

or you can develop welcome application i.e. setup.exe on other platform like .net or java and rest of the LabVIEW related installation things you can do silently via that setup.exe based on user selection.


I have heard there is a software tool called Installshield for creating msi installation package.

Labview 6.1 - 2019
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