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Application 800 x 600 resolution touch screen

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I am building an application that will be installed on a touch screen computer.  The touch screen I have on hand is a 800 x 600 resolution screen.  I believe I can get the front panel to fit this.  Does anyone have experience that installing an application to a low resolution monitor like this would cause problems?  Should I just buy a new touchscreen tablet?

Thanks for the advice.

metzler CLAD
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Hi metzler,


design your frontpanel to fit on this small 800×600 pixel resolution - and you will be fine!


(Think about using bigger than default buttons…)

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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You will have problems if you didn't design your front panel to be able to be resized. Use splitter bars!

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Hi Paul,


why do you want to resize the front panel when the hardware sets a fixed resolution requirement?

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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My assumption is the development machine will have a different resolution - in my experience attempting to develop the front panel on one resolution, with the goal of it looking correct on another is usually a very tedious, annoying back and forth process to get it right (even if you set your monitor resolution to match). Then, if the hardware changes, you get to repeat the process. If you haven't started on the UI yet, building it to be re-sizable isn't difficult, and avoids the entire headache. 

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When you say 'building it to be re-sizeable', are you referring to the VI Properties>Window Size, and the check boxes 'maintain proportions...' and 'Scale all objects...', or something else in particular.



metzler CLAD
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No, I was referring to using splitter bars to separate the front panel into panes that can then be adjusted by manually resizing the window. 

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Accepted by metzler

I've done this with NI's touch panel computers and monitors a number of times. Just set the front panel resolution to 800x600 (VI Properties -> Window Size -> Minimum Width & Height), then size the window as small as you can until it reaches the minimum size you just set. Make sure controls are a finger friendly size (knowing the pixel dot pitch can help here) and that's really it.


If you know your application will be run on different resolution screens in future then it's worth looking into splitters and making it resizable, but even then only if you have usefully resizable elements like graphs and tables on the front panel. If it's only ever going to be a fixed resolution just target that size.


The only tedium I've encountered with different developer vs target resolutions isn't in the resolution itself, but different host OS fonts and scaling (Windows / Linux RT / Windows CE / Mac OSX / etc).

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Accepted by metzler

Even if the panel has a fixed size now, development on your own PC might be anoying. Also, in a few years finding a replacement that fits the resolution will narrow the choises, if this is even considered. If not, a can of worms opens, and a simple tasks turns out costing lots of money.


If you want your FP to adjust, have a look at this library, or the GDevCon YouTube video about it:


I use this library succesfully, but then again, I made it...

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