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I have a system powered by a DAQ system, and am missing the install CD with several important Sub VI's


I searched to no avail, can someone point me to the following standard sub VI's?







I use LabView 8.6

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They sound like they are part of the Traditional DAQ drivers.  They should be located on your driver DVD and will appear if you install Traditional DAQ.
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Installing my Device drivers did not cause these files to show up, though I am certain they are among some default library. Does anyone have these files? If so you could email them to me at
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These VIs are not a part of either the NI-DAQmx or the Traditional NI-DAQ drivers, and thus are not standard VIs that ship with any NI products.  A quick Google search for these VIs shows that they are a part of the Universal Library for LabVIEW.  You should check into that toolkit.



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I think those are part of an old Measurement Computing library for LabVIEW.
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Am I that old? Smiley Surprised  Aout reminds me of my days as a C programmer in the UNIX world using the VI editor (not Labview VI,s but a text editor called "VI").  Running the C compiler in UNIX (cc) always produced a UNIX executable file called "A.out".


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I think these files are still current for the Measurement Computing range. I recall when I first used them I had problems locating the files.

If you follow smercurio_fc's link to here...  you can download the driver CD which should have all you need to install the libraries for Labview.

Once installed (install instacal and the universal library to make it all work properly) you should be able to locate the files on your hard drive.


Good luck!

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Alright, with your help I found ain and aout, but not the other two, anyone else have any leads on that?
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They're part of that Universal Library from MMC. In fact, here is the manual. Found using Google. Third hit.
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Accepted by topic author Mike Rees

Now I'm back at work I've checked my install of these files. On my installation they all seem to be located together in the following path:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\menus\Universal Library\Das16.llb\


For what its worth, navigating through the palettes I get and Dbitout from the "user libraries - MCC acquisition - digital i/o" palette



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