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Any way to put a index the 5133 USB connection is well

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You obviously clicked the 'Post' button before you could ask the question with details in the message body. Try again.

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I am using 5133 with USB connection. I found sometime the 5133 will lost connection with laptop and need to hard reset. The user need to be informed the connection and the communication between 5133 and laptop is failed.


2 ways may do this. One is find out a way and polling 5133 all the time by a live check. This may a bit waste of resource, also I am not sure how to do it.


Another way just wonder wether there is a event driven triggering when connection is lost. Also dont know how to do this.


Any suggestion, thanks.


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Third way is to have an error handler state. Assuming you are using a state machine, of course. I would also suggest trying to fix the issue of losing the connection.  I used a different model but never saw the problem with a good powered hub.

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May i know your model and hub, thanks. 

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I don't recall offhand. I'll have to look up the BOM when I get to work.

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It's a dlink.
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